Monday, April 18, 2016

Super Simple Summer Salad

Nothing says warmer days are on their way, like a good ol' BTL!! 

This salad takes all of the best parts of the BLT and combines them together to give you that summery flavor, with out the grains and added allergens. It's so yummy, you won't even miss the bread!! 

This salad is prefect for those days when you've been playing outside or at the pool and need a quick meal! 

Cook bacon until crispy. (I prefer to cook mine in the oven 400 degree oven for 18 minutes. Way less mess, plus I can get other things done while it cooks.) Cook until crispy, and then set aside to cool slightly. 

In a large bowl mix together Soy- Free Vegenaise  and mustard. Add in a tablespoon of the bacon grease. This amps up the bacon floor and helps the dressing to coat the salad. 

Once the dressing is mixed, add in your chopped lettuce. (I like the way the iceberg lettuce holds up to the heat of the bacon and thickness of the dressing.) Cut the grape tomatoes in half and add those in as well. 

Finally, crumble up the bacon and add it in. Give it all a good mix to coat it with the dressing, and voila! Just like that, a dinner filled with all of those classic BLT flavors is ready to serve!!  

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