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When my infant daughter Elli's "heat rash" just wouldn't go away and began to spread all over her body, we knew something more was wrong. I was very careful with what I ate during my pregnancy, and continued to eat as cleanly as possible after.  After consulting with our doctor I immediately began an elimination diet. I took out dairy. . . no change. . . . I took out nuts. . . . no change . . . Eggs. . . nada! We finally did a standard blood panel and found out that she had a wide range of allergies, and were quickly referred to a pediatric allergist. 
Elli at  3 months
Fast forward to today and the list of "off-limit" food can some days, feel longer than the list of "can haves". I made a choice early on in our allergy journey that I was going to find a way to let my family enjoy our favorite dishes, but in a way that was safe for Elli too. And so, my journey into allergy- free cooking/baking began. 

Elli today 

Here I have compiled a list of recipes that are free of the top 8 food allergen's, all without compromising taste and flavor. 

My hope is that this provides families with relief and hope, knowing that there will still be cookies at Christmas, cakes  on birthdays, and chicken nuggets with (butternut) fries for dinner!

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