About Me

 Hi, I'm Nikki!! Thanks for stopping by!! 

I love a good cup of coffee, warm socks, cooking shows, snow days and baseball. I wish Ina Garten was my Fairy Godmother, Joanna Gaines was my neighbor (I just know we'd be BFFs) and that my house looked like all of the beautiful homes on Instagram. The truth is, my house usually has toys from one end to the other, I live waaay up in the Northern Michigan (not in Waco, TX) and most of the time the Fairy Godmother role is played beautifully by my mom or mother-in-law!! 

This is us! I have two sweet little girls, Edy and Elli, and am married to my best friend and high school sweetheart, Steve.

I have always loved all things cooking related, and was so excited when I had two little helpers to join me in the kitchen. My family has lots of traditions that revolve around food and I am determined to keep those traditions alive even while dealing with food allergies. (You can read more about our allergy journey here.) 

I am a terrible speller, and not a professional writer by any stretch. Half the time my photos are taken on my phone, because that's all I have handy at the moment. These recipes are a collection of "what works for us".   If you have family members will allergies, please double check labels to make sure that these recipes will work for you as well. 


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