Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Allergy-Friendly Flour Mix

Even though Elli was only a few month old when we first learned about her food allergies, I set to work right away to arm myself with recipes that were safe for her, but also enjoyable for the rest of my family as well. 

I was feeling pretty darn good about my little recipe arsenal and collection of "safe foods" and products that I'd all lined up for her to eat once she reached that stage. 

And then came the blow that she was also allergic to potatoes! Potatoes!?! 

At first I didn't think that this would be that big of a deal. . . ok, we'll cut out potatoes, chips, fries, no biggie. . . . until I realized that many gluten free items and mixes and recipes I had contained potato starch. . .  Lunch meat has potato starch in it. . . Lots of thickeners have potato starch! So many things contained potatoes that I wasn't even aware of! 


After a brief temper tantrum, and some tears, I pulled on my big girl pants and went back to work reworking my recipes. After lots of trial and error, I finally was able to create an all purpose flour that was allergy friendly, tastes good, works beautifully in all of my recipes, 
and was fairly cost effective to make.

* Any brand of flour works well, I just happen to like Bob's Red Mill and being able to grab all of them in one spot.

Allergy Friendly All Purpose Flour Mix 

Sift all of the ingredients together, and make sure that they are evenly distributed. This gives you about 18 cups of flour! Store in a large air tight container and enjoy!!  

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